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Infrared (IR) electrical system inspections are a vital and fundamental component of electrical system maintenance and building safety programs. Infrared (Thermographic) inspection of electrical equipment identifies excess heat and detects electrical issues such as loose connections, overloaded conductors (wires), unbalanced circuits, defective breakers, damaged switches, and a variety of other problematic and potentially hazardous electrical conditions. Maintenance and Facilities personnel utilize Infrared Inspection to: prevent unplanned outages; prevent arc flash events and fires; minimize damage to electrical systems; protect employees and save money. IR inspections can detect small, easily manageable deficiencies before they turn into disasters.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) generally recommends that infrared electrical system inspections should be performed annually, bi-annually or even more frequently. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in the United States is affected by NFPA’s 275+ codes and standards. NFPA 70B (Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance) states that “a well-administered Electrical Preventative Maintenance Safety Program will reduce accidents, save lives, and minimize costly break downs and unplanned shutdowns of production equipment.” NFPA 70E is The Industry Standard that addresses and defines Electrical Safety in the workplace


Infrared electrical system inspections in Atlanta, GA, should be performed under normal conditions and load. Our inspections document all thermal problems detected and documents conditions (temperatures) at all equipment inspected, even if no deficiency was present.




  • We use high quality thermal imagers with high resolution, accuracy, sensitivity and all necessary features for high level thermography during our infrared electrical system inspections.
  • We are fully insured.
  • Our personnel will have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required.
  • Ideally, your facilities electrical personnel can open the electrical equipment as the inspection progresses. Otherwise, we can provide personnel to open the equipment.
  • We can provide a free quote. Give us a call or email and we can get the process started.
  • Our personnel are trained and certified Thermographers.
  • Our personnel are OSHA 10 trained.
  • All reports are reviewed and evaluated by a licensed professional electrical engineer
  • Reports provided electronically.
  • Reports provides clear summary, methodology as well as details.
  • Report come with certifications of Thermographer and reviewer.
  • Report indicates a list of all equipment surveyed and status of each.
  • All thermal deficiencies will be documented with a Thermogram, digital photograph, with other relevant details and recommendations.
  • Temperatures will be provided for all equipment inspected. This will give the facility owner recorded data to help evaluate and trend equipment thermal data over a multitude of years.
  • Electrical system expert for 20 years.
  • Written safety manual available for review upon request.
  • Provide references for similar projects.

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